A professional services firm offering IT Technology Solutions, Management Consulting Services and Government Services.

For over 17 years, we have been designing and developing software, web portals, web applications, and mobile apps that are scalable and transform our clients’ organizations. We have been providing a full range of IT services to build scalable and resilient IT infrastructure. We are managing programs and operations to optimize processes and ensuring that projects stay on track to meet our clients’ strategic vision.

Web Application Development | SharePoint Services | Agile Delivery and Coaching | IT Operations and Planning | Operational Transformation | Business Process Redesign | Program and Project Management

Why Choose Us?

Technical Depth

Our staff has technical depth in technology solutions and management consulting.

Breadth of Experience

We breathe open-source technologies, multiple programming languages, and technology solutions. We have expertise in project management, business process redesign and automation.

Focus on Quality

We believe in doing things right the first time rather than taking short-cuts, and we continually improve our quality management processes.

Focus on Delivering Value

We deliver solutions that work, that improve efficiency, and that maximize reach.

Open and Honest Communication

We believe in open communication with our clients, and helping them with open communication with their internal and external stakeholders.

Satisfied Clients

We get the highest ratings from our clients, as measured through independent Dun and Bradstreet ratings.

Select Case Studies

Global Intranet

140 countries; 200,000 employees; internationalization

Artemis designed and launched PricewaterhouseCoopers' global web portal that was used by employees worldwide with customized content and services based on line of service and job title. Users where able to further personalize their experience.

Public Web Portals

Connecting the onsite kiosk and online web experience with personalization

Artemis helped design, deploy and maintain the award-winning Library of Congress Experience allowing users to discover the Library's treasures.

Enterprise Search

Helping an organization consolidate multiple search implementations into an enterprise search platform

Artemis helped AHIMA implement a Solr-based enterprise search platform combining diverse search implementations.

Open Government

Helping bring legislative information to the public

Artemis supports design and maintenance of congress.gov - the definitive government source for legislative information and proceedings of Congress.

Thanks for the excellent support on this project.

Senior Task Order Project Manager, GDIT

We would hire Artemis Consulting again due to the excellent work they did in supporting our mission.

CIO, Federal Agency

Artemis Consulting's talented staff helped us design and roll out our web portal to over 200,000 internal staff and our clients.

Director, Big 4 Accounting Firm

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